#LetsGoRyoko Vol 1 - Joss Aneurin

August 29, 2018

We recently caught up with Joss in Bristol. A passionate photographer who has spent time travelling the world of late. Now establishing himself in Bristol he has goals to work with brands doing travel/lifestyle shoots along with weddings.

After arming Joss with our Cleveland Camera bag and Leon Strap we ventured out and to have a play and find out more about him...

How did you get into photography? 

My mum was an art teacher and my Dad was a graphic designer so I always had an interest in photography and art. When I was young I used to love the photography in BMX or skateboarding magazines but just never thought about doing it myself. I bought my first camera just before going travelling and immediately became fascinated by it.

Phone/Camera or Both? What do you love about them?

I prefer using my camera as I like having the option of a shallow depth of field. While travelling I had a Sony a5000 with 3 lenses (16-50mm kit lens, 50mm portrait lens and 55-210mm telephoto lens). This worked well for travelling as it was cheap and small enough to carry everywhere with me. I have started to use my phone more though, especially for Instagram stories.

leon camera strap @jossaneurin

There is an inspiration behind every art. What inspires you to shoot?

It sounds simple but I just want to take photos that look nice. That may be a landscape that will make people say ‘I want to go there’ or it could be a wedding photo where you capture the happiness of the moment.

I guess choosing your subject is one of the major exercises. How do you go ahead with it?

It can be difficult but the aim is to choose the thing that best lets your photo tell a story. I think this is one thing that takes longer to learn in photography as it’s something you can’t learn from Youtube tutorials! It can also come down to where the nice light is, this is especially important when shooting in places like markets or old ruins.

What genre of photography excites you?

I find this difficult to answer as I feel learning photography while travelling has made me practise all sorts (street, landscape, portraits, food, sports, automotive). I like the emotion that people bring to a picture so really anything candid that features people.

Cleveland camera bag leon camera strap @jossaneurin

What sort of project drives your creativity? What is your dream project?

I enjoy the challenge of trying to do a lifestyle shoot for a brand. I like trying to imagine how the product would be used and then trying to set that up.  I think the dream project would be a lifestyle shoot that involved travel, possibly for a car as I have always been into cars as well.

As we say, every passion comes with a few hardships. What is the hardest thing about photography?

When I was travelling I found it frustrating to get back from a location and find that either the weather or something else had stopped me from getting the picture I had imagined beforehand. As we had a lot to fit into our time travelling there wasn’t a second chance to go back to a lot of locations.

What advice would you give to a photographer just starting out?

 Make the most out of the resources that are free. There are so many good accounts on YouTube for teaching photography (Mango Street lab, Peter Mckinnon, Sean Tucker). Also just take lots of photos, I feel I’ve improved lots because I was shooting an average of nearly 50 shots a day for a year and a half, in all sorts of weather and with all sorts of subject.

Cleveland camera bag @jossaneurin leather luxury japanese

What’s your idea of a perfect camera bag?

For me I want something stylish that has a clean and simple layout. I’ve spent too long travelling with my stuff just jammed in a bag, and have now realised how nice it is to be easily able to find stuff straight away.  

So how have you got on with the Cleveland and Leon today...?

I really like the design of both. The bag is well laid out and feels well made. They've been really comfortable to carry today and smell great!


Follow his work on Instagram @jossaneurin


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