HELSINKI Station - Two Tone

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Perfect Organizer For Your Desk

We all know how difficult it is to keep those day to day accessories like car keys, wrist watch, cufflinks, house keys and many other handy items where you can easily find them the next day especially when you come back from a long day. In one of the occasions, I remember looking for my house keys for almost an hour that I almost missed my appointment. Guess what? I never found it as I had to lock my apartment with the spare key only to come back later in the day to discover I left the key on the key hole behind my door. Imagine how frustrated I would be if it were to be my car keys. If you’ve had a similar experience like mine, this is your chance to kick those messy days out of your life for good! The Helsinki Station is the perfect antidote to this problem.

Flat & Foldable Design

The Helsinki station is designed to comfortably snap flat so you can store it or even pack it up for your business trips.

Oil Pull-Up Leather

It is carefully handmade with Full-Grain oil pull-up leather that is sure to age beautifully.

Premium & Classy Feel

The Station has a classy feel with a tan color on the inside and the Choco-Brown on the outside. This together provides it with a luxurious and classy look

Perfect For Home Use Or Workstation

The leather valet tray is also designed to keep your home organized with your collectables safe and protected whenever you return. With this, you won’t have to search everywhere looking for a particular item. This leather tray is not just for home use, it’s perfect for anything include usage at the office for safe keeping of small handy items.



Our Personal Guarantee

At Ryoko, we take great pride in and stand behind every single design.

Each and every wallet are individually hand-stitched and hand-cut with impeccable attention to detail. All of our products are built to last. However, if there is a problem, please let us know and we will fix it as best as we can, or replace it for you.


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