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Versatile Wallet For Efficient & Organized Travelers

Jones was designed with the organized traveler in mind, combining the best of versatility, style and design. Whether you’re exploring a bustling new city, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro or getting from one place to another, Jones trail blazes the way for comfort, security, and peace of mind. It’s strong, durable and long-lasting, with an irresistibly warm supple feel. Jones wallet is your perfect travel companion on the road, for years to come.

Jones Clip Wallet from Ryokō

Exceptional Craftsmanship

Jones clip wallet is exceptionally handcrafted by experienced craftsmen. It is hand-stitched with Japanese waxed thread using the traditional “running stitch” method thereby providing you with a stronger and more durable constructed wallet.

Stylish & Smart Compartments

We understand what it takes to keep your things organized especially when you’re travelling across countries. With regular wallets, it can get messy and disorganized dealing with a jumble of cards and different currencies. This is why we’ve created smart diagonal compartments on the Jones wallet. This smart design accommodates bank notes from multiple currencies and holds upto 14 cards (1 outside, 6 stacked inside left pocket & remaining 7 stacked on the right pocket).

Secure Money Clip Protection

With the secure money clip protection designed to firmly secure bank notes, the Jones will help you keep your money safe irrespective of currency. This feature also helps slim down your wallet compared to the traditional bifold styles.

Touch & Go Slot

As a traveler who’s always on the go, the touch and go slot design will come in handy to save you time as you won’t have to pull out your cards to use for security access or pay for services. A simple tap with your wallet will do, granting you swift, effortless and efficient access or transactions.

Durable & Long Lasting

Unlike my friend who buys new wallets every one or two years, the Jones Clip wallet is designed to serve you for a very long time. The warm feel of its hand smoothed and rounded edges give you a pleasant touch whenever you reach for it in your pocket. The wallet is designed to grow old with you and ages beautifully.


Each and every wallet is individually hand-stitched and hand-cut with impeccable attention to details making them unique from each other. So what are you waiting for, why don’t you get these awesome features of goodness packed in one wallet and you’ll never have to worry about wallets anymore. Place your orders now and you’ll have us to thank later!

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Our Personal Guarantee

At Ryoko, we take great pride in and stand behind every single design.

Each and every wallet are individually hand-stitched and hand-cut with impeccable attention to detail. All of our products are built to last. However, if there is a problem, please let us know and we will fix it as best as we can, or replace it for you.

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